C Programming Language Course
C programming language has been used for couple of decades now & is still in demand as it becomes a entry level skill for IT professional to learn higher level of Languages & Coding Skills.

C is a general-purpose programming language, and is used for writing programs in many different domains, such as operating systems, numerical computing, graphical applications. C is a typed language, each variable is given a specific type which defines what values it can represent, how its data is stored in memory, and what operations can be performed on it.

C achieves its compact size by providing spartan services within the language proper, foregoing many of the higher-level features commonly built-in to other languages. C program, whatever its size, consists of functions and variables. A function contains statements that specify the computing operations to be done, and variables store values used during the computation.

Much of the functionality of C is provided by way of software routines called functions. The language is accompanied by a standard library of functions that provide a collection of commonly used operations.

Topics Covered in the C Progrmming Language Course are:

  • Introduction to C Programming
  • Operators and Expressions
  • Data Types and Input/Output Operators
  • Control Statements and Decision Making
  • Functions
  • Storage Classes
  • Arrays and Strings
  • Pointers – I
  • Pointers – II
  • Structures and Unions
  • The Pre-processor

Duration : 2 -3 Months

Currently Not Available.

The career outlook in C programming is good. There are different Job positions or application areas for a career in C programming language, where an individual can apply as per his/her knowledge. The salary of the programmers has increased or we can say the developer’s salary increased as per their knowledge and training and problem-solving capability.

The C programmers not only work in the field of computer only, but they can also pursue their career in Education, teaching, Government sectors. The career outlook of C programmers is continuously growing because of the rapid social, business and technology changes.

  • C Programming Application Developer
  • C Programmer
  • Online C Language Trainer
  • Junior C Programmer
  • Senior Engineer
  • Technical Architect

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